Despite birds being a minimal threat in North Carolina, they can quickly become a pest and a nuisance. We offer bird control services that are available and performed by Ace1Ace certified professionals who conduct wildlife removal in a safe and humane way.

Birds can create massive messes from their waste that can stain furniture and flooring if left untreated. They can also create health issues for yourself, pets, or children. Our specialists scrape, brush, shovel, bag, and vacuum as necessary to remove droppings and debris from within the service area.


A great way to avoid future issues with birds is to install barriers around your house. Netting, spikes, or wiring are just a few of the methods we use to eliminate any later problems.

Birds can be very destructive, cause health problems, create foul odors and can become noisy. Ace1Ace Wild Removal Services is a company dedicated to proper service. We do not subscribe to quick fixes or gimmicks. Contact our offices at 1-888-ACE1ACE, our services are well proven to provide excellent results.