ACE is an upper echelon wildlife removal company. We pride ourselves on being highly professional, highly trained and environmentally conscientious in every aspect of nuisance wildlife operations. Our technicians are fully uniformed and our trucks are well identified. We are licensed and insured, and in most cases we can schedule a visit with you within 24-hours of your inquiry. We also offer 24-hour emergency service and there is always a live person available to take your call: (1-888-223-1223)

No. We are a privately owned company. There is a fee for wildlife services rendered.

No. We are not the animal shelter or the Humane Society. We do not deal with conflicts involving a neighbor's dog running loose in your yard, or lost pets. We do regret any lost pet, and will gladly direct you to the agency that handles these types of problems. There may be times when a home or business needs feral cats or wild dogs removed. If asked, ACE can capture these animals, but there will be a fee for the service.

No. ACE is a privately owned company doing business in multiple metropolitan areas in the Southeastern U.S.

Yes. ACE maintains local and state licenses in our operational areas. We also carry $2 million of liability insurance (for the protection of your property) and Worker's Compensation (for the protection of your assets)**North Carolina Disclaimer

No. We are a wildlife control company. Although nuisance wildlife may be defined as "pests", we do not deal with termites and typical insect infestations. However, we do offer services for the removal of bees and other dangerous stinging insects. Our primary concern is the removal of wildlife from homes, businesses, and other locations, and in the resolution of conflicts. **North Carolina Disclaimer.

Every job is unique. Prices may vary depending upon the length of service, the degree of diffculty, species being controlled and the element of danger involved. For example, the cost of a one-time animal removal job would be much less than a trapping job lasting several weeks. Repairs and exclusion barriers applied to the entire dwelling would obviously be much more than repairing an individual hole. An inspection is often required to give an accurate estimate. Call for quotes on quality animal removal - you'll find us to be fair and professional.

Whatever enters a dwelling or is creating a nuisance on your property - Our Services in short, handle most species of wildlife. Some endangered species cannot be captured, or may require a special permit. Since we specialize in solving wildlife problems, we will do whatever the job requires to deter the animal, or get approval for its removal. Allow us to deal with the regulatory agencies of the Federal or State Wildlife Division to get an exemption. Laws are written to protect wildlife and people, however, when it comes to your home or property, we believe people's needs take top priority.

Yes. If you hire Animal Control Experts, LLC, we can guarantee the control of many nuisance wildlife conflicts. When exclusion barriers are applied to your property, there are many cases where we can provide you a written contract on your structure or dwelling. These agreements offer a conditional guarantee for a minimum of 1 year to 5 years. We do the job right the first time. However, if re-entry occurs, we will not only remove the species, we will do the necessary repairs at no cost to you. We want happy customers! ACE lives up to its name. Allow us an opportunity to serve you. Call us today! (1-888-223-1223).